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Wayback Classic makes use of the Wayback Machine's site search function to allow keyword searching for websites. Currently, the Wayback Machine is capable of finding keywords on the home page of domains, and cannot search the content of other pages.

You can also enter a URL to look up directly, in which case you'll jump straight to the index of available capture dates for that URL.

Advanced Search

Currently, the Wayback Machine's advanced search operators are:

site: Search for sites under a subdomain

For example, site:stanford.edu asian studies searches for Stanford websites related to Asian studies, and site:ne.jp dricas searches for mini-sites for Japanese Dreamcast releases.

Site Mapping

You can use the * wildcard operator to find archived pages under a URL prefix. When using this operator, you will be given a list of URLs, and given tools to filter further based on the URL and the MIME Type.

For example, entering http://www.iespana.es/screenmates/* will find all archived URLs within a website about screen mates or desktop characters, and applying a filter of application/x-executable reveals all the downloadable Windows EXE files which were hosted on that site and are available in the archive.

Search Help

Wayback Classic retrieves data from The Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine is run by the Internet Archive. They do amazing work preserving all sorts of things, including the websites you find here. You should consider donating to them! Copyright © 2021-2023 Jessica Stokes. Source code available on GitHub

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